This week, a battle report between Blood Angels and Tyranids.

Now that my new Tyranids army is fully assembled, I couldn't wait to get them on the table. So, Gil and I headed out to test them against his Blood Angels. Check out the video below!

Its been so long since I've played the Relic that I forgot a couple big rule points, but they woldn't have changed the outcome of the game.
1 - Neither Gil or I could have ran with the relice
2 - I could've picked up the Relic with any non-flying unit.

Overall though, I think the list worked well. I need to improve my tactics, but its hard to argue with the effectiveness of FMC in this situation. I regret not positioning my termagants and warriors in a position where they could actually fire at something - that many shots could have done a few wounds. 

Check out my youtube channel covering Tau, Tyranids, and Blood Angels tactica, battle reports, and hobby. There's also a little bit of Wood Elves sprinkled in there for good measure and for those of us who enjoy right angles on our bases.


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