What's On Your Table
My name is Chris and I have spent weeks building up my force of Space Wolves. I have added a Imperial Knight as well as a Stormwolf and a Stormfang with a 3rd kit to be assembled. I have just finished a game against Grey Knights where the I had won 9-3 in a Malstrom mission set. Took forever to bring down the Dreadknight but good old Grey Hunter beat the odds and did the final wound to it as the Stormfang behind it was shot down killing most of its 15 Bloodclaw passengers


  1. Nice army! I would send my conversions too, however I'm not sure about What's on your Table email. Is it natfka@live.com or some diffrent one?

  2. I'm getting a slight sense of deja vu here, but it's lovely to see these pretties again. I recall last time I requested a picture of a VenDread that you'd converted, so I'll try my luck on that one again.

    Glad to hear the Wolves have been performing on the field too. Nothing more rewarding than spending loads of time on an army that proceed to do well in a few games!


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