What's On Your Table:
Greetings from Mexico, I finally decide to send you a pair of photos of a conversion of Harald Deathwolf.

I just started into the hobby about a year ago, something more, something less. All because I get amazed with the Space Wolves, so I decide to convert a Thunderwolf Cavalry Model into Harald Deathwolf,, so this is the final result.

The Mantle of the Ice Troll King is made of lich shell. I like to use many things and try to convert them into cool stuff, still a lot to learn but I hope I will improve a little more.

Here is also my blog where I publish fanfiction and stuff about my space wolves army:


  1. This is good work, keep at it! I particularly like the thought you've put into composing the base - it gives the model a certain... I can't really think how to put it. Atmosphere, I suppose. Like he's mid-hunt. Particularly in the shot of him head-on.

    Oh, and I really like the darker grey on the armour. The really light blue-grey has always put me off SWs a bit, I much prefer the stone-like look going on here.


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