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Even though we originally said we weren’t going to, we still couldn’t resist it… so we tried to come up with a simple way to calculate point costs in Age of Sigmar.

The system we came up with is not 100% perfect, but should make for some fairly balanced games. It serves more as a solid basis from which to start, and then you can tweak units that are clearly unbalanced.

Give it a try: http://onepagerules.proboards.com/thread/185/age-sigmar-point-costs

On top of that today we are updating Page of Sigmar to v0.5, fixing some typos and clarifying a couple of things that needed some more definition.

We don’t really have a changelog, however some people have been asking us what the key differences are between the two systems, so here is a list of key features:
  • Rolls of 1 are always unsuccessful (prevents invincible units through stacked modifiers).
  • Players decide on how many units and models they bring before deployment, giving them a better idea of what they are up against.
  • Victory is based on capturing objectives and there is a fixed limit of 6 rounds.
  • The game is played with alternating player phases instead of an IGOUGO system.
  • Models from the same unit must always be within 12″ of all other models from the unit, preventing infinite conga lines.
  • Units can’t shoot into or out of melee anymore, adding a new layer of strategy.
  • The combat phase is resolved by individual combats and not by alternation.
  • Battleshock tests are only taken as part of the combat phase.
  • Introduced rules for cover terrain, difficult terrain, dangerous terrain and elevation.
Get Page of Sigmar: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4str5ek2f0txg7/Page%20of%20Sigmar%20v0.5.pdf?dl=0 (the rules are available in the MISC section)

Happy Wargaming!


  1. the points calculation does not take special rules, weapon abilities and command abilities into account.


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