I know I know... quiet some time since the last article about the Praetorians. I'll make sure this one is worth reading considering its delay :)

The Quicksilver Assassins are the next Praetorian unit I'd like to share with the community! These are an Elites choice and, like the Imperial Assassins, are Unique, so only one can be included in an army, only one!

In short, they are the stealthy assassins of the Praetorian forces, using terror and violence to vanquish their foes...

The model has been simple to build considering its GW bits. These are:
Head of a Triarch Praetorian
Upper body of Anrakyr the Traveller
Lower body of Orikan the Diviner with some re-posing
Arms of Lychguards/Triarch Praetorians, cut and re-posed as in the pictures
The Blades of Silence in the wrists of the Assassin are two needles!
And the hood and cloak are made from Green Stuff
His base was in need for some weight... so why not some mutilated Kriegers?!
And a sword! The Assassin steps with one foot on the Watchmaster's Power Sword that has been used to lethal end... such is the balance and self-control of the Assassin!

Some more pictures of the Quicksilver Assassin:

And of course, the fluff!


However ruthless the Necrons might all be, there is a small Order of Praetorians who shares a callousness and numbness towards life few of their soulless brethren can match.

Law and order did not always benefit the just ; Τurmoil and injustice was running rampart across the Necrontyr empire. Such abhorrence would not be tolerated for long, and thus the Triarch took the law in its own hands: The Quicksilver Assassins were given rise…

The Quicksilver Assassins were a caste of Necrontyr engineered physically and mentally to be unstoppable slaughter machines without pity or remorse. Experts in sabotage and assassination, these most concealed agents of the Triarch were all but unheard of by the Necrontyr ; Only the three Phaerons of the Triarch knew of their existence. Trained to perfection and elevated beyond the standard capabilities of the toughest enduring Praetorians through the extended use of experimental technology and psychological intimidation, they served the fleshy Necrontyr Silent Kings as their way of dealing with nobles who would hide behind the Laws of Old to further their own ends, silently and brutally.

Biotransference was the final stage in the evolution of the Quicksilver Assassins. Emerging from the bio-furnaces, each was given the power to deform his body into liquid, spirit his form over vast distances in a moment’s notice thanks to his Ghostwalk Mantle and move swift enough to callously cut their way through an armored patrol force with but the slightest use of force. They were the deadly combination of the mobile, enhanced Necron living metal and a most sharp and focused mind.

Accompanying them to their hunts was the traditional equipment of the Veiled Brotherhood to which they belonged to: Hunting hoods and Ghostwalk Mantles concealed their forms and breathed terror in the minds of the lesser creatures while underneath, their barded bodies bore Phased Gauss Bombs, Shurykhen Particle Bolts and a noxious pair of Blades of Silence. With so many deadly weapons at their disposal, the Quicksilver Assassins became the Triarch’s tools of directed mass genocide.

Indeed, while the Quicksilver Assassins were all refined and cold-tempered beings by nature, nothing would hold them back from performing the most vicious torments upon their prey should the order be given. Once a task was assigned to one of them, it was only a matter of time before the intended target, along with all its friends, relatives and loved ones would perish in screams and bloodbaths as the enforcers of the Triarch employed their services to break the mind of their target as violently as they would tear their body apart limb by limb.

Given their scarcity in numbers and their improbable availability at any given time, the employment of a Quicksilver Assassin was a matter extensively discussed and considered beforehand by the Siggilate Council. Afterwards, should the decision be made, the Assassin would be unleashed upon the foe to single-handedly annihilate and vanquish it and all those who stood with it, be it military forces or otherwise....

The Quicksilver Assassins are not pitiful or merciful ; They do not want their targets to merely die ; They want them to suffer, to linger, to kneel and to suffocate until the very last of their moments…

+++OPENING IMPERIAL FILE Hz1.23.98.g8j.+++
+++ACCESS CODE REQUIRED+++ (***********************)
My son… it didn’t stop... the rituals of the Grey Knights did not ward off the creature… our household is still haunted!...

I can’t take any more of the creature’s gambles… last night I went to sleep, a full infantry company doing circles around my household. I thought there were sufficient men to at least sound an alarm this time…

Next day I woke up to find the Company replaced by a sea of mutilated corpses… a fate similar to the other, smaller patrols I had previously appointed for the duty of night garrison…

Yet this time, the creature went as far as to hang the remains of my lieutenants from the sealing of my bedroom!! None can hear me any longer… everyone’s dead but me…

I tried hanging myself from that tree in my garden. Yet as I jumped, I felt the creature’s cold arms pulling me up… then those whispers in my ear again! I couldn’t stand this any longer… I begged the creature to let go of me and let me hang myself, yet the whispers only grew louder… and louder… and louder until I was one more whisper away from losing my hearing… Then it let go, and I fell and hit the ground… the rope cut. I searched for more, but in their place I found the intestines of my men…

Even when I searched for a knife to cut my throat I found all of them lacking their blades! Knives, swords, bayonets from dead soldiers… all of them had their sharp parts removed! The creature wouldn’t let me end my torment…

I haven’t slept for days since… I would wake up from the creature’s laughter, I could oftentimes feel cool air in my face as if something had passed by real quickly… I would even receive punches the second I would close my eyes…

How ruthless and sadistic can a creature be as to take pleasure from the torment of others?...

Even now I can hear the scream in my head… I can hear its footsteps… I can hear it approaching… coming to torture me again…

...It is strange… It feels almost as if the creature is standing right behind m…..

- Last memorial of Commander Jor Kannabi sent to Commander Kangen Megan, two days prior to the Megan genocide.
Sender unknown.

That was it for the fluff! I hope the content was not too violent for you!

Next up is the summary of his profile with stats and rules (WARNING: Only lightly playtested but has yet to be proven OP. Don't judge by this profile, playtest it and see for yourself instead! :) ) :


WS     BS     S     T    W      I      A     LD     SV            POINTS: 155

  6        5      5      5      2      6      5      10       3+

WARGEAR:                               SPECIAL RULES:                 TYPE:

2 Blades of Silence                     Night Stalker                           Jump Infantry

Hunting Hood                             The Codes of Battle                

Phase Shifter                               From the Darkness                 

Smokescreen                               Unbound Shadow

Ghostwalk Mantle                       Exalted Assassin                                                      

Shurykhen Particle Bolts             Final Vengeance

Phased Gauss Bombs                   Unyielding Resolve

                                                      Ethereal Interception

                                                      Martial Law Enforcer

                                                      Rain of Vengeance


                                                      Flow Like Water

                                                      Hunters from Hyperspace

                                                      Death mark

                                                      Contempt for the Weak
                                                      Shadow Slash



1 (Unique)


This Praetorian cannot earn your side any VPs, but “Slay the Warlord” and “First Blood”

actions done by him still earn your side their corresponding VPs.

This Praetorian cannot capture objectives (But can still deny them from the enemy).


Against a wounded enemy, the Assassin gains +1A for each Wound he has removed from



The Assassin has the ‘Infiltrate” special rule. If Night Fight rules are in effect due to been

actual Night (eg not from Solar Pulses etc), the Assassin can make a shooting attack with one

of his weapons as soon as he is placed on the board from Infiltration.


When the Assassin fails a Reanimation roll, he can make a shooting or a close combat attack

(if in base contact) against an enemy. He is then removed as a casualty.


Str(user) AP2, Precision strike.


This Praetorian has the “Nightvision” special rule, always passes Blind tests and causes Fear.

The Praetorian can never have his line of sight blocked by anything other than terrain and



Rng8”,   Str5,   AP‐,   Type(Assault 1, blast, Pinning).

This can be dropped as per a bomb of a flyer or be fired as a shooting attack.

If the Assassin used his Ghostwalk Mantle in his movement phase, the Bomb can target any point 

within 3" of the line between the Assassin's positions before and after the use of the Mantle, but in 

this case the Bomb will scatter 3D6".


If the Assassin uses his Ghostwalk Mantle while he is in base contact with an enemy model, that 

model suffers a Str4 AP- hit as soon as the Assassin dissapears.


Choose a profile before firing. Each Praetorian in a Choir can choose a different profile:

Gauss Slasher Bolt: Rng12”,   Str4,   AP5,   Type(Assault 3, slash asunder).

Void Piercing Bolt: Rng12”,   Str4,   AP4,   Type(Assault 1, rending, sudden death).

Tesla Disruption Bolt: Rng12”,   Str4,   AP‐,   Type(Assault 1, haywire, disruption).

SUDDEN DEATH: The firer gets to choose which model is hit. If both the “to‐hit” and “to‐

wound” rolls were 6s, the bolt gains the “Instant Death” special rule.

DISRUPTION: A non‐vehicle model hit suffers the effects of “Strikedown” until the start of

your next turn.

SLASH ASUNDER: If the “to‐wound” roll that originates from a “to‐hit” roll of a six is also a six

and is performed against an infantry model that sufferes an unsaved wound from this Bolt, you can have it sever a limb instead of inflicting a wound. The model loses an arm,

effecting the amount and the kind of weapons it can wield from that point on (eg two‐

handed weapons cannot be used anymore).  The Assassin chooses which arm is


A model that loses all its arms and is later killed by a Tesla Disruption Bolt from the Assassin awards 1VP to your side.


After deployment, before the first turn, pick an enemy Character or Independent Character.

That model suffers an automatic hit from a Shurykhen Particle Bolt of your choice (Only one

Bolt hits the model). That model has ‐1Ld for the first game turn.

For the purposes of determining VPs, the Assassin counts as the firer.


The Praetorian counts as having frag grenades.

A praetorian with this special rule can deploy using his “infiltrate” special rule at the start of

any player turn and can arrive up to within 2” of an enemy unit.  

If the Assassin charges a unit, you can place him anywhere within his charge distance (still in

the combat with the charged unit) and move enemy models to make space if needed. The

assassin can attack any model that is within 4” of him when his final position is declared.

In a combat, the assassin can choose the target of each of his attacks individually.  

“Look out, Sir!” and other similar attempts only succeed on a roll of a 6 against shots or hits

from this Praetorian.

During Overwatch, the Assassin can reduce his Attacks stat by an amount up to the total

attacks he has available. Each Attack given up this way will give the Assassin +1BS for the

shooting attack he makes during his Overwatch.  

Refused challenges do not render the assassin unable to attack.


Enemies with equal Initiative with the Praetorian will be struck first, as if they had one

Initiative point less than him.

In a close combat, enemies strike this Praetorian as if they had WS1.

This Praetorian cannot be hit by “Stomp” attacks from Gargantuan Creatures and Super‐

Heavy Walkers.

At the start of the close combat he is involved in, the Praetorian can choose to reduce his

Attacks stat by any amount (up to equal to the Attacks he has available) and receive a

counter for each Attack given up this way. When a wound is allocated to him during the

same combat round, you can remove a counter from him and attempt to avoid the attack by

rolling 4+ on a D6.


Enemies with WS3 or lower are hit on 2+ in close combat.  

Confers the “Cleaving Counterblow” special rule and the Praetorian’s Attacks stat can

exceed 10 as the result of any modifiers. “Cleaving Counterblow” also triggers after the

Praetorian has finished attacking, its bonus attacks resolved at Initiative 1.

This Praetorian can charge a different unit than those he shot at or a unit that is outside of

his line of sight, though if he does so, he will receive no bonuses for charging (eg the +1A,

+1S if “furious charge” is present etc).  


This is a shooting attack that does not require a target ; it can target any point within range.

Place the 3” blast template within 8” of the Assassin and roll for scatter. The blast does not

scatter if its center is placed on the Assassin himself and will only scatter 1D6” if placed

within 3” of him. Once the final position of the blast is determined, it blocks all line of sight

and provides a 6+ cover save until the end of the other player’s turn, at which it is removed

from play.

When an enemy unit declares a charge against him, the Assassin can opt to drop a

Smokescreen at his position and then move D6” towards any direction instead of firing

Overwatch. The enemy can then roll for charge distance.

If an enemy unit charges through a Smokescreen, it will count as charging a unit that is in

difficult terrain.

When he uses his Ghostwalk Mantle, the Assassin can drop a Smokescreen at his position

before disappearing.


At the start of the game, nominate an enemy independent character to be the primary

target of the Quicksilver Assassin.

Then secretly nominate a number of enemy characters (Independent or not) to be the

Assassin’s secondary targets.  

When the Quicksilver Assassin kills a secondary target (And his unit, in case of non‐

independent characters), the dead secondary target is revealed and the primary target gets ‐


When all secondary targets have been killed, the Assassin’s primary target gets ‐2Ld and

suffers Fear until the end of your next turn.

When the Quicksilver Assassin kills his primary target, your side gains VPs equal to the

number of secondary targets killed by the Assassin during the game.


The enemy can only fire snap shots against this praetorian for his first turn on the board and

on a turn on which he used his Ghostwalk Mantle 

If the Praetorian arrives to the board via the Rain of Vengeance, this rule does not take effect for that turn.

If an enemy model was to get a cover save as a result of this Praetorian been in the way,

they do not do so.

If the Praetorian uses his Ghostwalk Mantle, he will only scatter D6" if he aims to arrive within 12" of his 

initial position.


Every model in this Praetorian’s Choir gains the “Crusader” special rule.  


This Praetorian has the “Shrouded” and “Stealth” special rules for his first turn on the board

and on a turn on which he used his Ghostwalk Mantle.

If the Praetorian arrives to the board via the Rain of Vengeance, this rule does not take effect for that turn.

"The Codes of Battle" and "Rain of Vengeance" are two army-wide special rules. The first is an attempt to best express the unity and purpose of the Praetorian Armies, providing rules for custom unit-reforms according to specific battle conditions and rules of Necron ritual combat, last stands etc...

The shortest rule I can reveal right now is that any Praetorian, character or not, can attempt a "Look our, Sir!" roll. If the Praetorian to be protected is not a character, the roll succeeds as if he was one.

This expresses how even the most powerful Praetorian leader might throw himself in harm's way to protect another important Praetorian (who might be carrying a Relic for example)!

The second is a special way of deep striking where the Praetorian Choirs that purchase the rule enter the battle after jumping off from the Triarch Warships from high orbit, diving into the fray turned into fiery meteorites of zeal and fury...

Next up will be yet another Praetorian Choir of the Veiled Brotherhood (That includes all the stealthy and death-themed Praetorians, the Mortis Choirs and the Quicksilver Assassins included!)

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated! 

'till next time :)


  1. Amazing model - it reminds me a bit of Garret from Thief series and Raziel from Soul Reaver. And also Assassins Creed obviously:P

    And I love how you made the blades out of the needles - brilliant! I don't have a Necron army but I want at least one such model for myself. Or maybe I'll make something that fits my current armies? Cultist Assasin? Mechanicus Assasin (well ruststalkers...)? IG?:P

    Damn, I love this :P


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