Hello Everyone,

This is John again from Ascension and I finally got another battle report done and it just went live on my YouTube channel. This is a 1500 point battle of Nids Vs Space marines in a Maelstrom of War Mission called Contact Lost. Will the Swarmlord lead the Tyranids to a successful feasting of the Space Marines or will the nameless warlord from the Ultramarines stop the Tyranids in their tracks?

As Always thank you for watching and please feel free to leave comments about what it is you would like for me to feature on our battle reports anything from lists to specific units. We want to hear from you!

Be sure to subscribe to our channel as we are starting to release more content as well as doing tactica videos as well as list build and codex reviews and much more. A fresh perspective can make all the difference in this game that we all love. Until then keep up the good fight!!!


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