Back in 2011 I’d been blogging for a year on my hobby achievements and wanted to structure where I was going to go in the next 12 month period. As time’s gone on I’ve met targets, missed them, added on extra things, but overall it’s been a great motivator and at the very least given me something to fall back on when I don’t know which model to tackle next.

Each year I’ve reviewed my To Do List on the same anniversary, the very arbitrary 28th August and last year I invited various followers on my blog to join in the proceedings with this newly minted blog movement and I actually had eight people join in! There was quite a lot of community support from those alumni and I think we all benefited from having a shared hobby experience and we all were chuffed when someone completed one of their tasks.

So the 2014/15 Hobby Season is coming to a close and we’ll be reviewing our progress but we’ll also be looking forward to next season and setting new goals and as it’s a ‘community’ event where better to share this than the Faeit 212: Community News. So I’m inviting the wider community to join in.

All you need to do is set yourself a To Do list on 28th August, maybe blog about what you’re going to do. The list can be as big or as small as you like and you can follow it as religiously or loosely as you wish. I know I get a great deal of satisfaction out of mine and refer back to it regularly. Every time I complete an item I nip back and Strikethrough the item so I know it's complete and bask in the warm glow of self-satisfaction. I then get to add a Stamp of approval to the blog post I create to showcase what I’ve ‘TO DONE!’. This year it’s the Green Stamp of Approval and you can freely use them too and if you want to differentiate between major and minor projects as one alumni did I’ve even included Stamps for those too.

I know a lot of people will have already set down goals at the beginning of the year or record their progress in more formal spreadsheets and the like but I think most hobbyists know that your best using a system that works for you and if that's the case and your happy with that then keep at it. However, if you're a hobby blogger that struggles sometimes on what to do next and how to get motivated then this might be the system you find inspirational and motivational in those dark times when your hobby mojo deserts you. For bloggers in particular, when you’re struggling what to post about next - there’s always reference to your To Do List, so it’s great to have that lifeline in your blog and great to record your success and feel like you're getting somewhere.

Anyway, if you like the idea and want to take part just comment below, I’ll hopefully do a 2015/16 Hobby Season Alumni blog post after 28th to share who’s taking part and we can watch each other’s progress.


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