A look at the new KX 139 Ta'unar Supremacy Armor from Forgeworld and its rules.

Overall, the Ta'unar brings a lot of fire power to the table (but you probably could have guessed that, since it's basically a Tau Titan). Check out the video below for a deeper look.

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  1. Never assume forgeworld have bothered to talk to the main design studio about what's happening. So many examples of forgeworld releasing something just before the main design studio and it no lining up. The last aphalon project was released just after 7th but is clearly designed for 6th. Or the chaos knight failing to have options from the knight warden box set.
    The name of the codex isn't anywhere near as irritating though.

  2. Pretty interesting, but a few things I'd like to point out -
    Ion Cannons have always had 60" range so the Tri-axis is not longer range.
    The standard gargantuan argument, everyone has their own opinion so I won't go into that.
    I don't agree with anyone who says there is an easy way to kill this, even with wraith Eldar they have short range so can be dealt with quite easily before they get to you (either with it's own guns or support). Even Grav (the best anti-GC weapon around) takes 54 BS4 shots to deal with it.
    The Fusion would probably be the go-to weapon in standard 40k, but in the scale it's supposed to be used (Apoc) the fusions won't often be in range to hit what you really need.
    For 600 points this thing is a damn bargain, sure it cant match the mass D-weapons of a warhound or revenent but on both a firepower and staying power scale it definitely hits at that level while only costing 10 points more than a Hellhammer with one set of sponsons.

    1. Apologies. It sounds like I was unclear, since I agree with you on all of these points. It's certainly not easy to kill, but also not impossible to kill either. This this really is a monster. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. On the defense system comments the word 'and' instead of 'or' would mean the defense system is both the smart missile and burst cannons.


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