A look at my custom Tau Void Shield Generator currently in progress.

I set out to find a use for the sensor pylons produced by Horizon Creation 3D beyond being a sentry turret, and this is what I've come up with so far: a void shield generator.

The structure has a 6" x 7" footprint, which is slightly larger than the 5" x 5" of the original model. The platform area, however, is 24" square in comparison to the ~25" square of the two platforms on the original combined. So, I think it's a reasonably close approximation.

Check out my youtube channel covering Tau, Tyranids, and Blood Angels tactica, battle reports, and hobby. There's also a little bit of Wood Elves sprinkled in there for good measure.


  1. Nice terrain piece, or VSG. My only criticism is the lack of any organic shaping or curvature. That said, it is really good.

    One trick for foam board buildings is to not cut through the paper on the opposite side, instead cut a relief channel that removes the bulk of the foam fill so that as you fold it over the contiguous paper covers the cuts and hollowed out bit. I will find the tutorial from an old model airplane I built a while back and post that later when I get home.

    Nice job!


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