1. I don't think Coordinated Firepower works the way you think it works. The way the rule reads it doesn't say that the units firing together actually become a single unit. They are just allowed to resolve their shots as one unit. This distinction is important because since they are remaining individual units the sharing of USRs doesn't occur.

    So really all that coordinated firepower does is change the very first step in the shooting phase, which is the step where you nominate a single unit to shoot, to allow a Tau player to nominate multiple units in this formation to fire at a single target. This meshes well with markerlights because their expenditure happens immediately prior to the first step in the shooting phase thus allowing the sharing of markerlights. Plus it specifically says they share it.

    TL;DR- resolving shots as a single unit ≠ firing as a single unit

    1. I can see both sides. There's a discussion on ATT that makes a good rundown of the arguments, and it seems like most commenters are on board with USRs being shared (option 2 presented by the author). Its a good read if you got the time:


    2. Seems like ITC is ruling with you though, so that'll likely be the standard. It makes sense, and is a little bit of a relief since it makes things a lot more straight-forward. Looks like I'll have to reconsider how my list will look. :)

    3. I actually started that thread "Tau Combos" on Tau Tactica. (Norion12)After the post becuase popular and linked on other sites,my post was deleted, and was listed as being started by one of the Mods. When I asked why this happened, the mod that took credit for the post cursed at me and banned my account.

      I do not recommend using Tau Tactica, they are obviously out for #1. Very frustrating for me.

    4. Norion12 started a thread asking a question that was deemed to be relevant to another already existing thread. The two were merged. The original thread (called "Hunter Contingent and Formation Discussion" before the merger) was started by an ordinary user, not a mod, and certainly not the mod who merged the threads.

      In case anyone wants to check for themselves, the merger occurred on the 5th page of the above thread.

      The mod's response to Norion12, where you will notice no claim to credit nor cursing, can be found here:


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