Hey guys, Michael here form Folkvangr Events and the Durham Raiders. The Horus Heresy has been getting more and more popular these past 18 months here in the north east of England, with more and more players at almost every club picking up the game. I myself have been seduced into joining the excellent game by a combination of a balanced rule-set that is fun and narrative, as well as the awesome book series.

I was also very excited to see a Throne of Skulls for the Horus Heresy being held at Warhammer World, but alas I was unable to get a ticket for myself, and I was not alone in that.

But to tide ourselves over, the Durham Raiders, have arranged for a day of Heresy gaming next weekend at Waugh Games in Middlesbrough with armies of 2500pts.

But following on from that we are organising our own Heresy Weekender in March next year - The Storming of Dantris III, a residential narrative event with armies of 3500pts and 4 games.

Held on the 11th March to the 13th March, you get two night accommodation and food, as well as three games on Saturday, two singles games of 3500 pts, and then a doubles game of 7000pts per side.   Sunday will be a large scale apocalypse style clash game. And on Friday and Saturday evening the tables will be free for pickup games.

20781_830620826986756_1211378888277239451_nThe event will be held at Moor House Adventure Centre, where we held the incredible Kings of the North 2015 earlier this year, we have full use of the venue and will be holding the games in the main hall. We have some amazing terrain and scenery, Durham Raiders will be running a tuck shop selling chocolates, sweets, pop and beer, so we can have an amazing weekend of beer, banter and games.

Tickets for this amazing weekend cost £40 (About £15 cheaper than the Throne of Skull), which also covers accommodation and food as well, and this is being run at cost (in fact I will probably make a loss once card payment fees are taken off) so there is no profiteering here, we just want to have a great and fun weekend.

You can buy your tickets here now, and I hope to see some awesome armies ready to challenge my Ultramarines!


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