Hey all! Matt here from Blood God Gaming (Check out our Facebook page here!) with another article for our very own Legacy addition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. This time, we're going to talk about the immense creative potential that exists in wargaming, and how we plan to open that up to players. 

BEFORE WE START. I have looked at the rules for the 9th Age, at the behest of some of the community here. I think it is a great way of playing a streamlined version of the 8th Edition Ruleset, but there are things within 8e's core rules that we here at BGG are not a fan of (unnecessary random elements, laser-guided cannonballs, etc). What we seek to do is go beyond simply tweaking the rules as they stood, towards meshing current and past ideas to create a game that is fast-paced, streamlined, and balanced, while also being a ton of fun and having endless potential for creativity among the playerbase. 

For a rules reference to our current work on the Legacy Edition, you can find the basic rules fixes and a summary here, and a more indepth look at unit sizes and alliances here. Now, without further ado, mercenaries.


This is another highly experimental ruleset that, in light of the initial craziness of 40k Allies, we fully expect will need serious scrutiny as our playtesting progresses. The rule goes as follows. You can included core units from Army Books outside of your alliance as rare choices. So, for example, if an Orcs and Goblins army wanted a block of Chaos Marauders, they could take such a unit as a rare choice, counting as a mercenary unit. This opens up a lot of potential for the player to truly customize an army of choice. However, mercenary units can never benefit from the General's "Stand Fast" bubble or the BSB bubble, as they aren't motivated by the same values as the rest of the army. They're in it for coin and plunder, and they've already gotten the coin...

Custom Units

Since Fantasy is now upon the shoulders of the community to keep alive, we are throwing the doors open for unit customization, faction customization, unit conversion for AOS releases, and so on. I, for example, am working on a Roman Empire-theme Dwarf army that specializes very heavily on different types of infantry, javelins, magic support, and light cavalry. So, the restrictions I am placing upon myself are things like no great weapons for units that don't already have them, everyone who can take a shield must take one, no black powder, and no Ancestral Grudge. In place of all that, I'm mixing in wizards, human spearmen and archers (auxilia), aforementioned light cavalry, and some flavorful special rules to streamline the unit mishmash together. It's been an interesting journey, because once I stopped trying to create the perfect tournament list for crushing at pickup games (which, btw, is totally cool if that's your thing), and started tinkering with what I wanted to play, I began to enjoy both the game and the hobby a lot more. Games Workshop games are not your ideal Tourney format games, especially when compared to things like Warmahordes, Infinity, and Malifaux, but they're great fun when you and your friends adapt the game to the way you want to play. I urge the community to try this. You might find it to be an absolute blast!

We're also porting the Age of Sigmar releases into Fantasy. I strongly encourage that we start a discussion about making 8e Rules for new AOS units, as that will give us proxy releases and prevent the WHFB community from growing stale. There have been a few attempts at this with Stormcast Eternals, and I encourage those authors, if they see this page, to post their findings to our Facebook page and join our community of playtesters. Without further ado, here is our own ruleset for the AOS Khorgorath, usable in the Hordes of Chaos Grand Alliance as a Special Choice: 

Khorgoroth                       80 pts 


Special Rules: 

Terror, Monster, Large Target, Taker of Skulls, 5+ Scaly Skin, 5+ Ward

Taker of Skulls:
The Khorgoroth immediately regenerates 1D3 wounds every time it kills one or more enemy models in shooting or CC, up to its starting number. 


Hand Weapon

Bone lash: This is a shooting attack with the following profile: Range: 6", S3, Quick to Fire, Multiple Shots (D6). 


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