What's up everybody?
Been a long time since the last update, and it's about time to do something about that. Today we are releasing a major patch for 1p40k and 1pKT, which changes some of the fundamental aspects of the weapons. There are 4 main changes:
  • Piercing now either ignores Armored or forces re-rolling blocks
  • The "x" rule gives weapons Piercing instead of just ignoring Armored
  • Flamers, Grenade Launchers and  Autocannons have more/less attacks
  • No weapon has more than 48" range now
There are other smaller changes, mainly the correction of some spelling mistakes and such. With this patch a lot of point costs have been modified, so we highly recommend you revisit your army lists and correct them where necessary. Additionally the length of missions in 1pKT campaigns has been slightly tweaked, so keep that in mind when playing.
Finally we are going to be releasing several more updates over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for more. ;)
Download the games here:
Happy Wargaming!


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