All right guys, this one we’ve been very excited about to release!

Today we have a huge patch for 1pFB/FS as well as 1p40k/KT. This includes some of the things you had already seen in the last big 40k patch transferred to Fantasy, as well as updates to most Fantasy armies and some 40k armies. Additionally we have updated the point costs of “x” weapons across all games.

1pFB/FS updates:
  • Charging in the side/rear now grants double/triple attacks
  • Re-worked the “x” rule to be in line with 1p40k/KT
  • Re-worked Nimble, Piercing, Scout and Vanguard rules
  • Bolt Throwers now have A6x
  • Multiple Factions – Re-worked Relentless and Ambush/Sneaky rules
  • Goblins – Ordnance is now Quality 5+
  • Elves – Re-worked Prince mounts
  • Warriors of Chaos – Re-worked Skullcrushers
  • Skaven – Added Assassin; Re-worked Weapon Teams; Re-worked Grinder and Zzzap! rules
  • Lizardmen – Re-worked Skinks and Chameleons; Re-worked Hunting Pack rules
  • Tomb Kings – Casked of Souls is now Ordnance; Re-worked Asaph’s Arrows and Entombed rules
  • Wood Elves – Glade Riders now have Ambush
1p40k/KT updates:
  • Space Marines – Captains can now take Jump Packs, Bikes and Terminator Armor; Re-worked Bikes
  • Orks – Warbosses can now take a Warbike; Boyz can now take ‘Eavy Armor; Nobz can now take ‘Eavy Armor and Warbikes
  • Chaos Space Marines – Lords can now take Bikes and Terminator Armor; Re-worked Bikes
  • Space Wolves – Thunderwolf Cavalry can now take Storm Shields
That’s it for now. Download the games here:
Happy Wargaming!


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