This month I'm running a competition on my blog to win an Imperial Knight [or equivalent value model of the winner's choice].

To win the prize you'll need to send me a picture of a completed item freely available from my blog – STC templates, Print & Play buildings, even just the wound counters [although the picture will have to be pretty darn good to secure a prize using just the wound markers]. The choice will be yours.

I made these out of my own STC templates
So, you could build one of my STCs straight out of the downloads, or even amend it, remix the template like Fenrisian Studios did, take a picture and that's your entry. Alternatively there's the Print & Play templates, but as they're relatively simple to do the picture best be all kinds of awesome - perhaps you fill an entire gaming club with my templates, or have a cinematic shot with special FX and Photoshop skills applied. The chance to be creative in how you approach the task is up to you so it's not solely down to someone's hobby skills or photographys, this way everyone can take part.

Here's a Print & Play design

Entries are due in by the end of the month, I'll be setting up a page with further details about submitting your pictures before then so keep an eye on the blog. Judging will take place in April with the winner being chosen by combined vote and judges discretion at the end of the month.

A variety of templates are available to use as your entry
Good luck with giving it a go, the competition has been funded by reader's


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