Hi there! Armies on Parade 2016 in Warsaw Poland - watch the video below from the event that took place on the 15th October.
The first place went to the Empire Castle "Tear for shadows past". It was a great and very harmonious display, although the bases didn't fit.
Dark Eldar took the second place with equally large diorama. I was quite surprised with the colours of the miniatures - I'm not a fan of white Dark Eldar. Despite this, it was a great display.
The bronze medal was awarded to the illuminated and full of role-play scenes Genestealer Cults display. The author put a lot of heart to present the uprising and all of the fights eg. herding Carnifex, Genestealer set on fire or the Patriarch on the throne.
This year the level of entries was quite even and there were many interesting ideas for dioramas. My favourite display was Harlequins vs Nurgle "the battle for diorama" - the level of painting was absolutely the greatest.
I also liked the Space Marines Ultramarines diorama. There were also Tau and Khorne displays.
Congratulations to the winners and all the participants for a really great and inspiring work!
See you next year! =)
Below you can also see the video from AoP 2015 - my Wood Elves won bronze medal =)

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