Hi all,

I'd like to introduce you to the Grim Dark Brotherhood, a trio of gamers from the East Midlands who are determined to bring narrative, fun and friendly gaming to the tournament scene.

What do we hope to gain from this? Quite simply we enjoy friendly games, and we enjoy playing against strangers. Your standard 40k tournament rarely combines the two as players aim to win the tournament by stringing together the biggest, most comprehensive victories throughout the event.

We think that we can do things differently, and bring thematic, fun and flavourful armies into a tournament event and still make sure that everyone has fun, no-one feels like they just got stomped by an army that is exploiting the rules, and most importantly, that all the players taking part have thought about their armies from a background point of view and as such are bringing every aspect of the hobby to the event (Building, Painting, Writing and Playing).

This evening (UK time) we're releasing details of another feature of these events, the Fighting Pit. Similar to the old Arena of Death features in White Dwarf (for those of you with a long enough memory) this element of the day, which is non-compulsory, pits your warlord against up to three others in a gladiatorial combat style pit, with the winner of each 'weight class (points value)' gaining tournament points via a wager style system appropriate to a gladiatorial event.

We have a separate blog for these events, to which we are adding things gradually, and the blog will also have many other regular features, such as battle reports (video and map-based depending on your preference), painting and modelling tutorials, and army spotlight features. We're also hoping to bring some more detailed tactical analysis to the blog too, though again with a focus on the thematic and background-relevant, rather than just a simple assessment of a unit's power for spamming purposes.

If that sounds like your sort of thing, join us over at our blog, our forum, or on facebook. You can also follow us on twitter, instagram and imgur as we start to add details to those channels.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!

The Grim Dark Brotherhod


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