Hello Faeit212 Community, this is one of the long overdue Vraks PDF Leman Russ tanks from the Emperors Fist Battle Company started a long time ago in 2009 - posted on my WeeMen blog - seen here WIP. As I never had the time or patience for an entire Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard for us old timers) army, I sold 6 tanks and kept the others for a small allied force - perhaps... now traitorous scum.

With the release of the Genestealer Cult I saw a great opportunity to use my little used older Space Hulk Hybrids, Purestrains and the few completed IG(AM) troops I have.
So on to the first of my Cult completed models, a re-purposed Leman Russ Main Battle Tank, I finished off the painting, added weathering to tracks and rivets using the Typhus Corrosion liquid - these are no longer being maintained as they once were.
I added Cult Icons and 'burnt' off or defaced the remaining Imperial icons, adding some paint drips as necessary to complete the illusion, repeated on his chest badge too. The front Aquila was removed using snips and a Genestealer Cult Icon welded in it's place.
Here you can see the defaced Squadron Numbers, overlaid with a tack-welded Cult Icon. I left the recognition numbers and lesser icons on the sponsons as the Cult has little time for these trivial matters.
Finally, the driver was made from a FW Vehicle Crew torso and a head from the Genestealer Cult upgrade sprue, I painted the skin Kislev Flesh with a Purple wash to give a slightly pale alien vibe. I will repaint the IG(AM) Squad hands and faces to match too, as they are quite tanned at present. He also got a freehand Cult Icon on his armour shoulder pad - I will replicate these on the squad when they get new heads and allegiances...

Hope you like my transformation of an Imperial Vehicle to the subverted Cult of the Four Armed Emperor and this gives you some ideas to use your old IG(AM) models for a new lease of life.


  1. That looks amazing! It's weird thing to point out on such a nice piece, but I really like the way you painted the glass bit on the spotlight.

    May the rebellion continue!


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