In recent years me and my gaming crew have held a little informal tournament around my birthday [28th February]. This year we thought we'd expand the event to invite others to come along and have a bit fun gaming and celebrating the hobby. So, we've teamed up with our local game store Wargames in Southport to run a one day tournament on Saturday 25th February. Tickets are only £20 for 3 1500pt games, lunch included. There will be prizes but the main focus is having fun in a less competitive setting - last place wins as much as first! However, first prize also wins this awesome  trophy [not the Heldrake].

Tickets are still available, we've got 22 attending so far, some travelling all the way from Germany. You can purchase tickets from: where you can see the event guide which includes these details:
1500 points, 3 maelstrom games taken from the rule book
1 rulebook CAD only, no formations, no allies
Warlord traits from rulebook or Codex
Current codex will be used, if any are released within a month of the event date, the previous codex will be used

Lords of war are allowed, but are subject to the following conditions:-
•    Only one may be taken, subject to ITC restrictions
•    If an army has no LoW, but are facing a LoW they may chose a warlord trait from the escalation table that will give them the best advantage. This can be used alongside the native warlord trait.

Prizes (Wargames store vouchers, can be used after the match)
£20 for 1st Place [and trophy]
£10 for 2nd place
£5 for 3rd place
Loser does not get a wooden spoon but gets £20 in store vouchers. 
There will be a painting competition with at least best army and ‘unknown soldier’ – a single troop model from your army on 25 or 32mm base. 
Spot prizes and additional painting categories will be given as well, dependant on player numbers.
Hopefully we'll see some of you there, we may even have cake!


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