Hey Gang!

Hopefully this will be something of a treat! I have been very fortunate and I've managed to get my hands on the new Death Guard models before they are officially released! These aren't mine, I'm painting them as a commission, but damn I am excited to paint them!! 

Looking over the models, not only is the detail insanely good, but there is a distinct lack of mould lines or obvious places where sprue has had to be snipped. I din't build them, but I have it on good authority that they were a cinch to build. Yes these are monopose and converting these from the box set Dark Imperium may be tricky, but damn does it matter!? I think these are some of the most beautiful miniatures that GW have ever produced. 

I'll repeat, the detailing is Insane!! I absolutely love these miniatures and for the price of Dark Imperium with the rulebook etc, these models are brilliant value, even before you consider that you get the Primaris marines as well.

These have me very tempted to collect Deathguard, I'm a loyalist through and through really, but just the beauty of these models has me excited and I can't wait to lay brush on them :)

Here's a quick run through of the miniatures, though I haven't photographed all of the zombie like miniatures, but just given you a taste and a close up of my favourite one.


The little nurgling hanging of his shoulder really brings this miniature alive to me, a marine that is truly enthralled in the worship of Nurgle.

The centre character on here really evokes the feel that these marines are 10,000 years old with the armour style, this is evident throughout the miniatures and really feeds into the fluff of the Deathguard as a founding legion.

This chap is my favourite of the Zombs, the bursting pustulent stomach and the leering grin along with the bionic arm just give this mini so much character.

Not only are these miniatures beautiful, but they also capture the aesthetic and feel of nurgle really well. They truly encapsulate the lord of decay, right down the almost friendly happy feel of nurgle's followers. The leering smiling faces are truly excellent.

If you are interested in Deathguard, either as an existing player or as a new collector, BUY these miniatures, I am so damn impressed with them its unreal. GamesWorkshop are really showing off that they are (for me) the premier designer and producer of tabletop miniatures. 

I hope you've enjoyed that quick look :)

Peace out,

Rob @ 30kplus40k


  1. They are hideous. Perfect! Great work GW modellers.


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